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success & resilience expert

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on a mission to inspire the children of the world

Jason gives back to the world by speaking to youth in primary and secondary schools, youth detention centers, the foster care system and hospitals. He has spoken to tens of thousands of students. Jason's message to youth has two parts: 1. it is OK to have struggles and feel different, & 2. you are capable of absolutely anything.

i'M POSSIBLE VIRTUAL WORLD TOUR: inspiring global classrooms

Jason is speaking to classrooms all around the world. He uses technology to connect with classrooms and share his message of Hope & Inspiration. Use the following 3 easy steps to have Jason inspire your classroom: 1. Setup a FREE Zoom video conferencing account, 2. make sure your classroom is Technology Ready (a projector, speakers, a high speed internet connection, and a computer with a camera & microphone), and 3. schedule a date & time with Jason. Use the form below to request a date. 


EPISODE 1 - Hidden Differences


Learn about 4 common emotions associated with having a difference. You will also learn 4 tips for being successful despite having a difference.

EPISODE 2 - Interacting with People who have Differences


Learn 4 strategies for having successful interaction with people who are different. You will also learn about 4 benefits of interacting with people who are different.

EPISODE 3 - Eradicating "Same Shame"


Learn about Personal & Community "Same Shame", and how to eradicate it. You will be empowered to be your true self, and to help others around you to do the same.

bring jason 'live' to your school

Jason speaks with thousands of students annually. Book Jason for a school-wide assembly or commencement address. Honorariums are accepted for live presentations.

book jason today

Inquire today and book a date for any of the following: 1. a virtual talk in your classroom, 2. an assembly or 3. a commencement address. Jason travels domestically & internationally for youth. Honorariums are accepted for live presentations..