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"Jason Romero is an amazing speaker. His story is not only personally moving but is full of great lessons for all management teams. After he spoke at our event, I lost count of the number of people who thanked me for having him speak. There was universal agreement that his presentation was the highlight of our conference.​"

- Stewart Glendinning (CFO, Tyson Foods & former CEO, Molson-Coors Int'l)

"Jason Romero has one of the most remarkable stories you will ever hear.  Running across the United States in 60 consecutive days is only the starting point.  Factor in visual impairment, a miniscule budget, and a one-person crew, and you would pretty much say this venture was doomed to fail.  But if you know Jason at all, you would understand that failure was simply not an option. He has such an incredible huge heart, and he is passionate about making a positive impact on people and organizations.  I absolutely recommend that you find a way to put this man and his story in front of your team." 

- Dr. Michael Kragt, Ph.D. ( Non-Profit Executive Director & Psychologist)

"Jason Romero's story is as inspiring as it is unbelievable. Ibotta was fortunate to have Jason deliver a keynote at our Mobile Innovation Summit, where he inspired the audience by not only sharing his story of being the only legally blind person to complete a transcontinental US run in under 60 days (yes, that's 50+ miles of running per day with no breaks), but he also provided tangible takeaways based both on the run and his successful business career. I highly recommend Jason if you are looking for an inspirational speaker for an upcoming event."

- Kane McCord (COO, Ibotta, Inc. & Harvard MBA)

"Jason Romero delivered a powerful, motivating, and thought-provoking keynote to a team of 1,000+. The message speaks to preseverance, determination, and the role the human spirit plays in meeting life’s most difficult challenges. The audience was captivated; I highly recommend Jason to work with teams in any industry. Simply amazing!"

- Dr. Marie Brown-Mercadel (COO  Urban Corps of San Diego, formerly Asst. Director of Social Services, County of Riverside)

"Jason is an absolutely amazing speaker who inspires, energizes and motivates teams to give their best. He is authentic and truly real. I highly recommend him to be your next motivational speaker to help your team achieve their goals and work together in a cohesive way. Thank you Jason for being you and your service to the world."

- Suma Nallapati (Chief Digital Officer, DISH Network, formerly CIO of Colorado)

"Jason spoke to our product and marketing team today and was truly inspirational! Jason's personal story really connected and moved the team. I would strongly recommend Jason for any team or group that is looking for not only an inspirational story but also one that truly moves people. My team raved about Jason all night long at our team dinner!"

- Michael Hafer (SVP, Western Union)

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A Challenge to Change

What is it that is holding you back and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? This presentation is built on my story of being a successful professional, going blind and losing hope, then taking on an epic challenge to run across America in record-setting time. I will inspire you and your team to believe that no adversity is insurmountable, and teach you how  you can make your dreams  come true. 

The Success Cycle. A step-by-step process how to transform your dreams into reality.

The Success Cycle

This presentation is based on Jason's  soon to be released second book, The Success Cycle.Jason developed a process that businesses and individuals can use to transform their dreams into reality. He argues for a paradigm shift in how we perceive success. Jason teaches tools and strategies for how to overcome adversity, develop & implement plans, accept failures & grow resilience to  achieve dreams.


My Calling: A Faith Journey

Jason's testimony in finding faith, and how one moment in time changed the course of his life. Suited for Christian services, youth groups and men's groups.