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success & resilience success & resilience

"This is THE most inspiring book I have ever read!"

A blind man's record-setting run across America

Running into the dark

A man takes on the challenge of a lifetime after hitting rock bottom. He finds himself divorced, unemployed and in a deep depression when a degenerative eye condition renders him blind with limited light perception. Feeling a calling to run across America, he dedicated the next two years of his life to prepare for, and ultimately run, over 3,000 miles from California to New York in less than 60 days, averaging 51.5 miles per day, to log the 7th fastest transcontinental foot crossing in the history of the world. 

This is not just a book about running. This is a story of success and failure, healing and hurting, and loss and love. It is a book about struggling with adversity, learning to not give up or give in, to accept one's self for all that one is, and is not.  It is every person's story.  


"While Jason Romero literally is Running into the Dark, he hasn’t let his blindness limit what he can achieve. His inspiring and motivating story of running across America – and so much more – will draw you in and give you hope in the face of despair."

Marshall Ulrich, extreme athlete and author of Running on Empty

"The term 'inspirational' simply isn't strong enough for Jason Romero's amazing story. "

"I read this book in two days because I simply could not put it down. This is a must read for every adult and young adult. You will be inspired!"

“(Jason’s) book was well-written, inspiring, uplifting and also relatable. Finishing his book on New Year's Day has me motivated and inspired to set high goals and believe I can achieve them.”

“Jason's story is riveting, compelling, and raw in its honesty of his failings as well as his successes.”

“Jason’s inspiring story is told by him in an interesting and inspiring way, sparing no details including his lowest and highest points.”